About GOFR Courier

Servicing local businesses and individuals with the smartest delivery system.

gofr courier vehicle toronto pick-up and delivery

GOFR Courier is a cutting-edge on-demand courier service app in Toronto. Designed to make pick-ups and drop-offs easier than ever to coordinate, straight from the palm of your hand or your desktop.

Say goodbye to time-wasting phone calls, unclear pick-up and delivery times, and dealing with paper waybills! GOFR Courier offers secure, convenient, and eco-friendly paperless transactions for all of your daily courier service needs.

Watch your order in real-time as it travels from point A to point B right before your eyes. Save yourself countless errands and hours spent in traffic – GOFR it instead! Get your items where they need to go directly, conveniently, and with the highest level of conscientious care in the industry.

Smart app.

Easy scheduling.

Efficient deliveries.

Advanced Technology

We included all the required features to have fast order placing process along with cost-effective deliveries specifically for local B2B and B2C.

Reliable & Transparent

Live-track your assigned driver on the integrated Google Maps, communicate with drivers by chat, message or call. Digital proof of delivery is always available as a signature and a picture.