The Benefits of Using Same Day Courier Services in Toronto

As a business owner, you know that time is money, and that a quick turnaround time between order and delivery is often the difference between making the sale or not, and inspiring repeat patronage in your customers or not. People don’t wish to wait anymore or deal with damages, yet many businesses are still doing things the old way, with paper waybills and weighing and measuring, and ordering pick-ups and deliveries by phone.  We’re here to do things the new way! Using our handy app for Android or iOS, you can order a delivery, just when you need it.  

Here’s a rundown on the core benefits of using same day courier services in 2020 and beyond!
*Hint: They’re the same reasons why same day courier services are becoming increasingly popular among established businesses and entrepreneurs alike, serving Toronto and the surrounding area. 

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Money Savings

In the business world, trimming costs is critical for your survival. The more you can minimize your overhead, the more money you have to spend in more profitable areas.

If you currently have a delivery team at your company, you’re eating into profits unnecessarily by way of payroll, taxes, employee benefits, and overtime pay. You also have to deal with worker’s compensation, sick leave, and paid time off. That all might be fine during periods when your business is really busy, but it can be a costly burden during more uncertain times. By outsourcing your delivery duties to a reputable courier service, you can trim these expenses so that you only pay for it when you need to use it, without compromising your ability to serve your customers, your way.

(Psst: Another way your business can save is by avoiding the possibility of unhappy customers wanting discounts and exchanges over damages that can  happen when a parcel must bounce between vehicles and sorting facilities.)


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Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of using same day courier service is that you’ll achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. Your business’s top concern outside of boosting your bottom line is keeping your customers happy. Fortunately, when you use a same day courier, you make your customers’ lives easier – they’ll find it more convenient to order your products when they know they’ll get it quickly and directly. 

The reality is, same-day shipping even beats overnight shipping and the now-popular two-day shipping. In just a few hours, your clients can have your products in their hands. And they don’t have to leave their offices or homes to make this happen, nor are they stuck sitting around waiting for their package to arrive any time between eight in the morning and five at night because they can track it on route and plan to receive it accordingly! Using GOFR as your delivery partner, you’re giving your valued customers the greatest gift of all: the gift of freedom.

Greater Business Focus

Instead of focusing on managing your own in-house delivery team, you can allow a third-party courier to handle your deliveries so you can spend more time and energy on doing what you do best: the key functions associated with running your business. 

If you currently use FedEx, CanadaPost, or Purolator to handle your local deliveries, then your company is dealing with filling out paper Waybills (and their wasteful plastic pouches), measuring and weighing items, and packaging them so that they can withstand being packed in a van with stacks of other packages. All of that takes time and energy away from your business but it doesn’t have to anymore because GOFR operates on a totally paperless system, bringing packages straight to your customers, carefully and securely and without changing hands.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the value our same day courier services can add to your company this year and in the years ahead.


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