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Previously, there were questions over whether the demand was there for a same day courier — but the problem was really with the tech. It’s becoming apparent that consumers absolutely don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to receive their envelopes, packages and other locally purchased items. It’s a simple fact that people who have grown up with smartphones (and the whole world at their fingertips) are more likely to make the purchase – and then of course, repeat purchases – if same-day delivery is on offer. As the emerging trend for Scheduled Shipping Date (SSD) deliveries are growing, smart business owners are getting ahead of the curve and using a reliable local courier instead of outdated delivery methods that can’t offer full transparency, and often experience delays. At GOFR Courier, we can seamlessly deliver packages anywhere in Toronto and beyond, on-demand when you need it. 

Reasons Your Business Needs to Offer Same Day Delivery

In a rapidly changing marketplace, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends in customer expectations. If you already do, you might have noticed that same day courier services in Toronto are gaining traction. Consumers of all ages have last-minute demands, but the younger demographics don’t like to wait for anything! 

For example, if your business is in growing, selling, or distributing legal medicinals or small-batch food or drink items, listen up – you could significantly increase your profit margins by catering to last-minute orders through the use of a reliable same-day Toronto courier service.  

Attract Young Consumers 

If your target market is generation X or Y, start deploying same-day deliveries and your profits are incredibly likely to increase. Young people have grown up in a culture of instant gratification and streamlined processes, and people generally don’t like waiting.    

Take Advantage of a Growing Trend

Same day services in Toronto is still an emerging trend, which is why it’s such a good time to start. Once your customers experience the convenience and ease of SSD, they won’t want to go back to waiting. An example where automation and tech made something similar happen is with Tim Hortons or DoorDash. Before these apps, people were used to waiting an hour for food delivery. The speed of service on the best food delivery apps means that consumers are likely to actively choose eateries that won’t make them wait

A Same Day Courier Could Help You Raise Profit Margins

As mentioned in the above article from US News, customers are happy to spend more money if it means they don’t have to wait. What this means for businesses is that you can charge your customers for same day courier services in Toronto as a premium offering, which they’ll expect to pay more for. When people expect to pay more for a premium service they appreciate, they’re usually happy to pay the premium price to make it happen. 

Stand Out & Build Trust

Savvy Toronto businesses are taking advantage of waves of online sales that are being instantly generated through e-commerce stores and sales channels like Instagram, and understand that the desire for instant gratification extends to the delivery method, too. This is fantastic for your small business because it means you can pick up everyone else’s slack, and get your product into your customer’s hands without delay. Show your customers that you’re able to meet their needs, even in a rush, by using a direct courier service in Toronto. 

When you’re reactive to the trends in customer expectation, you build a long-term bond that is built on trust with a customer base on the leading edge. Since SSD is in its infancy, your clients will be delighted and floored by the fast and seamless arrival of your product. When you use GOFR Courier, you offer a same-day delivery service with tracking that they can count on, every step of the way. We deliver every time, and you’ll reap the benefits of excellent customer relations, not to mention stellar online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Increase Productivity

When your team is aware that there’s no time to waste because deliveries are happening all throughout  the day, you’ll likely see a spike in productivity. It’s a boost to morale and motivation to know customers are eagerly awaiting the delivery of your product. By moving lots of stock on a day-to-day basis, you save on storage and can run a streamlined inventory that is easier to forecast.   


    Why GOFR Courier?

same-day Toronto courier service

There are plenty of courier services in Toronto, but none of them utilize all the latest tech methods like GOFR Courier. We handle the deliveries, so you can get on with the more demanding tasks involved with maximizing profits and growing your business to exponential heights.

App-Based Toronto Courier

We operate our same-day Toronto courier service via an app. This is convenient for you because it means no measuring or trips to the post office. In fact, you don’t need to do much more than press a few buttons, and your delivery order will be underway.


At GOFR Courier, we prize efficiency. Logistics is our game, so you get on with doing what you’re good at, and leave the same-day deliveries to us. We don’t need you to go through the hassle of weighing and measuring every parcel and package you send out. Our ethos is to trust in our customers to provide an accurate visual estimation of the size. Because we don’t store your package overnight, you don’t need to worry about waybills. 

Support Local Business

GOFR Courier is a proud local Toronto business that loves partnering with fellow Toronto- and Ontario-based brands and businesses to connect their customers with their products. 

Same Day Courier Service Toronto

We’re unlike any other same-day service because we offer the ultimate in convenience without any fuss. Our modern app is slick and user-friendly, and our drivers are professional and friendly. You’ll be happy to have GOFR Courier representing your business.  

Contactless Package Delivery

In light of recent distancing measures, we understand that contactless delivery is essential for peace of mind. We are entirely up to date with the latest regulations, follow strict hygiene procedures and offer contactless package delivery in Toronto as an option.

It’s time to reap the benefits of positioning your small business as ultra-modern and ahead of the customer service curve. Visit our website, check out our social media pages, or download the app for more information, and GOFR it today!


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